(F) = Fiction
(NF) = Nonfiction
* = Print Only

"Sad Queer Books: Alexander Chee's How to Write an Autobiographical Novel," them 2018 (NF)

"Stephen Hawking: Astrophysicist, Rockstar," Lit Hub 2018 (NF)

"The Power of Personal Style in Phantom Thread," The New Yorker online 2018 (NF)

"God is Not Flesh But Air," Gulf Coast 2018 (F)

"The Larger World," West Branch Wired, 2018 (F) 

"Sad Queer Books: Joan Didion's Blue Nights," them. 2018 (NF)

"A Year in Reading," The Millions 2017 (NF)

"On Being Queer and Happily Single — Except When I'm Not," them. 2017 (NF)

"After Alabama: Political Victories Don't Put Food On The Table," Lit Hub 2017 (NF)

"Against the Attention Economy: Short Stories Are Not Quick Fixes," Lit Hub 2017 (NF)

"French Absolutism," Joyland 2017 (F)

"The Miracles of Serena Williams," Lit Hub 2017 (NF)

"Grace," The Rumpus 2017 (F) - Selected as a Longform Fiction Pick of the Week

"Who Cares What Straight People Think?", Lit Hub 2017 (NF)

"Being Gay vs Being Southern: a false choice", Lit Hub 2017 (NF)

"Wool," Bull Men's Magazine 2017 (F)

"4/5/07" PAST TEN 2017 (NF)

"How Stevie Nicks and Elizabeth Bishop Helped Me Through Loss," Literary Hub 2017 (NF)

"How to Escape the Slush Pile," Electric Literature, 2017 (NF)

"Frites," Little Fiction 2017 (F)

"Comfort," Hypertrophic Literary 2017 (F) *

"We're Just People," Catapult Community 2017 (F)

"Minor Moves," Catapult Community 2017 (F)

"Run," Vol. 1 Brooklyn, 2017 (F)

"Those Who Leave," Day One, 2016 (F)

"Spectator: My Family, My Rapist, and Mourning Online" Catapult, 2016 (NF)

"Birds of the Air" Necessary Fiction, 2016 (F)

"A Book Doesn't Have to Be Long To Win an Award"  Literary Hub, 2016 (NF)

"Millions of Tiny Things" Split Lip Magazine, 2016 (F)

"There is No Secret To Writing People Who Do Not Look Like You" Literary Hub, 2016 (NF)

"Grief as Mythos" Wildness, 2016 (NF) - Nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart. 

"The Rise and Fall of Many Things" Green Mountains Review Online, 2016 (F)

Carol (a film review) Queen Mob's Tea House, 2016

"I'll Never Forget the First Boy I Loved" Out Magazine Online, 2016 (NF)

"Bones Storm Time" Wildness, 2015 (NF)

"Shiver" Noble Gas Quarterly, 2015 (F)

"It Falls Away Slowly" Chicago Literati, 2015 (F)  - Selected as a Longform Fiction Pick of the Week

"Shoreline, Cold and Distant" Chicago Literati, 2015 (F)

"Cold River" Jonathan, 2015 (F) *